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How to Resist Silence and Violence: Crucial Conversation (Part 2)

But when people feel that they opinions and ideas won’t be accepted, they start to withdraw and hide (silence) or push too hard, (violence). Therefore, to help people feel safe in these crucial conversations, we must establish mutual purpose and mutual respect by letting the other person know that we care about them and their issue and that we have have shared goals. When we make people feel safe in tough conversations, we you can talk about anything, and people will listen.

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We Need to Talk : Crucial Conversation Part 1

When it comes to personal and professional relationships, the four words “We need to talk” can sound threatening and unsettling. And while no one has directed them to me lately, I recently had a few crucial conversations with people in both my personal and professional lives. While none of these conversations were comfortable, all of them were necessary. These crucial conversations took vulnerability, patience, a willingness for us to share our feelings and thoughts openly and honestly while listening to the other person’s perspective.

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Relationship with Feedback : It’s Complicated

“It is complicated”- is a relationship status that no one aspires to. It typically speaks to a relationship that is characterized by drama, mixed feelings, and unresolved issues. Yet, when I think about my own history and relationship with feedback- it is complicated are the only words to describe it.

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Made in Jamaica……..More on Branding

Made in Jamaica......   In my last post about personal branding- "It's All About the Brand", I looked at why our brand matters and how it is reflected in everything we do. This post sparked interesting conversation pieces and raised some relevant questions that I would like to address and expand on in this post. Among… Continue reading Made in Jamaica……..More on Branding

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It’s All About the Brand!!!!!

Branding is everything!!!!!!! Whether it's our food/drink, clothing/footwear, gadgets/electronics, jewelry, automobiles or even the places we visit---we tend to have preferences for particular brands. Though some people could not care less about the brand of a shirt, car, watch, perfume/cologne, food item, there is very little that others won't do, no price too high, to acquire… Continue reading It’s All About the Brand!!!!!

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Separation in the Work Place-Who Really Decides?

While there is no such thing as a bad word, some words produce troubling and uncomfortable emotions and responses in people on a personal or professional level. One such word is SEPARATION. For most people, separation (the process or thought) evokes feelings of sadness, loss, regret, anger or an uneasy sense of relief. If you… Continue reading Separation in the Work Place-Who Really Decides?

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Navigating Relationships At Work

"No man is an island, no man stands alone." By our very nature, we were created for relationships. Be they personal or professional, we develop and maintain relationships with the people who are a part of the circles or groups to which we belong. While some of these relationships might have emerged consciously/unconsciously over time, they result in meaningful friendships which help us in the… Continue reading Navigating Relationships At Work

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Are You Engaged?

I am pretty sure that when you think or hear of the term engagement - the first thing that comes to mind is a proposal for marriage. Yes, the moment the man or woman (not so uncommon these days) pops the question and ask his/her beloved for their hand in marriage. If you thought so, you would be quite right but that's not… Continue reading Are You Engaged?

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The Things I Didnt Know(That I Didnt Know)

Bright , Smart , Educated , Articulate, Confident  and Intelligent (IQ). Have any of these attributes been used to describe you? I'm pretty sure they have. And whether  you might have developed any of these traits throughout  all your years of schooling  or your gene pool, these should make you pretty awesome or augur well for your success. After all,… Continue reading The Things I Didnt Know(That I Didnt Know)

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Why Does It Hurt So Bad? Feedback is a Gift!

Why does it hurt so bad? Why do I feel so sad?  Thought I was ... No, this not a love song. Nor is it  about  my love life,  or  the death or loss of a loved one.  I am talking about FEEDBACK. At some time or another, you and I have had to give… Continue reading Why Does It Hurt So Bad? Feedback is a Gift!