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Got Conflict? 5 Conflict Styles to Deal With It Right Now!

Yet, many of us were never taught how to deal with conflict in a healthy and constructive way. Most of us probably learned how to manage conflict from the unhealthy examples demonstrated by our parents or from what we saw during our childhood.

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The Truth About Trust !(Part 1)

Supervisors who do not trust their teams are more likely to micromanage. People who do not trust their partners are more likely to be insecure, question their every move or sneak around trying to get information.

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Critical Thinking Killers: Are You Guilty?

Making assumptions, jumping to conclusions, reacting emotionally and not being able to distinguish between facts or fake news are obvious indicators that you might not be thinking critically about a particular situation, individual or issue.

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Motivation: Why Do You Do It Anyway?

If you have ever listened to a successful person speak about their achievements or journey towards their biggest moment, whether it was an athlete, actor, entrepreneur or professional, the one thing you would probably hear them mention is the importance of being and staying motivated.

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Relationship with Feedback : It’s Complicated

Yet, when I think about my own history and relationship with feedback- it is complicated are the only words to describe it.

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Perspective is a Helluva Thing!!

Much of what we think, how we think, what we see, how we feel, and how we act is determined by our personal biases, and limited experiences. However “valid” or “right, “we believe these perspectives to be - they might not always be so.