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Are You an Imposter? Here’s How to Deal with It!

People who suffer from imposter syndrome might also miss out on opportunities for promotion and advancement because they do not believe that they are qualified for positions that are within their scope or area of expertise.

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Why Be Yourself (Be Authentic) is Terrible Advice!

At a surface level, telling someone to just be yourself or be authentic might seem like solid, and great advice. But this advice can be confusing on many levels, and it raises a ton of questions. Afterall, which self are you advising them to be? Is it their past self, their today self, or their aspirational self (the better version of ourselves) that each of us hope to one day meet?  What if they haven’t yet figured out who they are or want to be?

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How The Path We Take Shapes Our Lives

*Where do you see yourself 3, 5, 10 years from now? *Is your current path taking you where you want to go? *Are you on your current path because its familiar or comfortable? *Is there another, less troublesome path you could take towards achieving your dreams?

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Be Fearless: 5 Principles to Overcome Fear!

All the stories of people who have overcame extraordinary circumstances to beat the odds, those who rose to the top of their game to achieve great success or blazed new trails are filled with examples of men and women who pushed past crippling fear, failure, rejection, and disappointment to chase after their dreams.

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The Law of Attraction: 11 Steps to Attract the Life You Want!

The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives what we project into the universe. This simply means that the people and events we attract to our lives are based on what we focus on and direct our attention to.

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Dare to Be YourSELF: Everyone Else Is Taken

However, I have also worked in environments where, I have had a coworker who looks like me say “I don’t like you all (meaning immigrants)” and accuse me of receiving preferential treatment (due to Caribbean heritage) as compared to other black women.