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What It Means to Feel Safe..

So, when do you feel most unsafe?

Is it when the zeros in your bank account starts to dwindle?

Is it when you are home alone or walking down a dark street?

Is it when you are experiencing conflict with a supervisor or coworker on the job?

Is it when you’re in danger of losing a loved one or when your relationship with your partner has broken down?

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Danger: Avoid Work Stress and Burnout!

Did you know that overwork and burnout contributed to more than 745,000 deaths worldwide in just one year? Yes, according to Psychology Today, a recent study from the World Health Organization, found that “over 60 percent employees suffer from workplace stress.” In today’s environment, the fear or risk of feeling or becoming “burnout” has never been greater or more real. So even though we survived 2020, most of us approached 2021, cautiously optimistic that the worst was behind us, and that better days were coming with the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Struggling with Negative Thoughts? Here Is What You Can Do!

Our negative thoughts can stem from an unanswered call to a friend or loved one, or an unacknowledged text. Negative thinking can also be triggered by the language in an email you received from a supervisor/coworker, the tone a person used when speaking to you, your observations on how a situation was handled or just a gut feeling you have about something or someone

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Rethinking Self Care: 5 Things You Need to Do Right Now

During this time, my only self-care (more like self-preservation) was wearing a mask, washing my hands and social distancing. I was super stressed, suffered hair loss, felt irritable all the time, and just felt 'dry" in every area of my life. I was not ok, and I had not put my mask on first.

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6 Lessons From 2020 We (Should Not) Forget in 2021

Dear 2020, Thank  you for the lessons.. It is a truth universally acknowledged that, 2020 was a year like no other and no one saw it coming. Whether it was the COVID pandemic that shattered our notions of normal, or the physical and social isolation that revealed the quality of our relationships and threatened our… Continue reading 6 Lessons From 2020 We (Should Not) Forget in 2021

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Level UP!!

There is a $9.9 billion market for motivational self-improvement programs and products that seek to improve us physically, mentally, financially or spiritually.

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Coming to America..4 Years Later

 Four years ago (Today), I migrated to the USA to embark on a brand new chapter of my life. Excited about my visions of success, the lure of new opportunities and the well wishes of friends and family, I flew out bravely. But, like any big life event or major change, the journey has been filled with challenges and opportunities that I had to navigate to transition… Continue reading Coming to America..4 Years Later

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Success & Misperceptions of Success

They say that, 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'. I say, so is success. Recently, I had conversations with two friends - one male and, the other female, in which success, perceptions of success, or the lack thereof were common themes. In these interactions, both friends shared their views about their own successes… Continue reading Success & Misperceptions of Success